Biography of Aamir Khan

Aamir Khan is a Bollywood actor and the latest Bollywood superstar. His acting style is very distinct in the movie making world. His moves are very unique in movie making. He seems to move with no direction but the plot still follows. The director would be amazed by the way the leading actor of the movie manages the movie making system. Though he is also the biggest star of the genre, and people around him show good affection towards him, his relationship with other actors is not that good.
In the movie industry, Aamir Khan is a strong personality. His communication is an object of study and his activities are liked by many. In the recent biographical of Aamir Khan Bolllywood AC motor trend, he showed that he was very different from the rest of the actors. In the movie called ‘Chandni bahu’ he is seen as a real gentleman who has spent so much time to understand the film making process. Aamir Khan Bolllywood AC motortrend was given a best movie list by the movie magazine and was awarded for best actress of the year. The movie show that he is more active in cinema making than people thought him to be.
The movie critic praises him for being more active in making movies. The biographical of Aamir Khan Bolllywood AC motor trend shows that Aamir Khan was not in a good way before. Though he does appear very active and a natural in making movies, but the role of Shahrukh Khan was so difficult that it took a long time for him to do so. It took years for him to get into the right frame of mind and could only be appreciated by the audience when he played the role of Shahrukh Khan. The actor who plays Shahrukh Khan in the movie ‘Chandni bahu’ also plays the role of Mehboob Hussain Khan in the movie ‘Barfi Haseena’.